The 5 Best Wine Racks That You Should Have

The 5 Best Wine Racks That You Should Have

A wine collection needs a smart storage space. Although a wine fridge is useful in keeping your wines at a specific temperature, a wine rack is enough to hold and showcase your favorite drinks at home.  

With the plethora of wine racks in the market, it can be overwhelming and challenging to choose and make a purchase decision. That’s why in this article, we’ll discuss how you can choose the best rack for your home. We’ll also give you a list of some of the best ones that you might want to consider.


How to Choose the Best Wine Racks for Your Home

There are too many factors to consider in your search but here are some of the most important ones you should keep in mind that will help you determine the best that matches your needs:

Types of Wine Rack

Decide on what type of rack you need based on how you’ll use or place it. Here are four types of racks: 

  • Wall-Mounted: This type of rack doesn’t need any floor space so you can place it on any wall in your home. They hold wine bottles and act as extra decoration, like artwork, that you put on your wall. 
  • Countertop: This is the type you can easily fit on countertops. Like wall-mounted ones, they tend to be smaller and compact so you can easily place them on tables, kitchen counters, and on any extra space. 
  • Floor: This is the type you place directly on the floor in any space you have. These racks vary in size and capacity. They can hold more bottles than most countertops and wall-mounted racks. 
  • Hanging: This is similar to a wall-mounted rack except that they hang either from the ceiling or under a cabinet space and are not mounted on a wall. 

Size and Capacity

You need to consider the size of your collection and the space in which the rack will be placed. If you’re an avid wine collector, go for a larger rack, but if you’re a casual drinker, opt for a smaller one. Keep in mind that you have a lot of wine bottles to store, you’ll likely need to place the rack in a spacious area. 


Wine racks are usually made of metal or wood and your decision would be based on your personal preference. Wood racks look more traditional and have that earthy and cozy design. Metal racks, on the other hand, may come in different colors and look more modern. 


Always consider your budget and your needs. Large-capacity wine racks can get very expensive while small and simple ones can be cheaper. The cost may be the last factor that will help you narrow down your purchase. 


Best Wine Storage Racks for You

1. J.K. Adams Ash Wood 12-Bottle Wine Rack

J.K. Adams Ash Wood 12-Bottle Wine Rack

If you need a rack for a small space, the J.K. Adams Wood Wine Rack is an ideal choice. The whole rack can be disassembled and set up into a new shape that would suit your space. It’s strong and sturdy enough to hold up to 12 bottles and can be placed even on tops and in cabinets. 


  • Dimensions: 11.25"D x 12.5"W x 13"H
  • Capacity: 12 bottles
  • Material: Ash Wood


  • Compact and minimalistic design
  • Reassembles 
  • Sturdy


  • You’d have to occasionally check on the pegs and slots

2. Thrailkill 16 Bottle Floor Wine Bottle & Glass Rack

Thrailkill 16 Bottle Floor Wine Bottle & Glass Rack

For a more classic-looking wine rack, Thrailkill has the right thing for you. This compact wine rack serves as a wine and glass rack and features a small bar top for easier pouring. You can even use the open shelf beneath the bar top for storing other wine accessories and utensils like corkscrews, charms, and foil cutters. It’s stylish and compact so you can place it in any small space. 


  • Dimensions: 10"D x 20.25"W x 40.75"H
  • Capacity: 16 bottles
  • Material: Acacia hardwood and steel


  • Can hold wine glasses
  • Bar top space
  • Compact design


  • Still can’t be used as a full bar cart

3. Keeana Bar with Wine Storage

Keeana Bar with Wine Storage

Now, this is a bar-cart-style wine rack. The Keeana Bar has a tabletop, glass racks, wine racks, and open shelves. Aside from the wine bottles and glasses, you can also use this rack for keeping your glassware, bar tools, and even other beverages. The best thing about this is it has wheels so you can move and carry it wherever you want to drink. 


  • Dimensions: 15.7"D x 39.4"W x 34"H
  • Capacity: 8 bottles
  • Material: MDF board, iron frame


  • Bar cart-style
  • Large storage space for other things
  • Classy look


  • Small wine bottle capacity

4. Mango Steam 23-Bottle Wine Rack

Mango Steam 23-Bottle Wine Rack

If you need a small rack with more bottle capacity, the Mango Steam 23-Bottle Wine Rack is a good option. It’s a perfect rack for wine collectors that don’t have enough space for a bulkier storage space. This is freestanding and comes in a decorative black glass tabletop and steel. 


  • Dimensions: 9"D x 16"W x 27"H
  • Capacity: 23 bottles
  • Material: Glass top, Alloy steel frame


  • Glass tabletop
  • Large bottle storage capacity
  • Compact


  • Depending on how large the bottles are, they can angle down due to the design.

5. Vintiquewise Wine Barrel Round Table Wine Storage

Vintiquewise Wine Barrel Round Table Wine Storage

The Vintiquewise Wine Barrel Storage is a round wine storage with an industrial-style design. It has a removable tabletop that you can use as you drink and shelves where you can secure your collection. It’s freestanding so you can place it anywhere, making it convenient for storage. 


  • Dimensions: 29.75" Dia x 31.75" H
  • Capacity: at least 10 bottles (depending on size and shape)
  • Material: Glass top, Alloy steel frame


  • Rustic and durable design
  • Interior space for storage
  • Tabletop


  • Doesn’t really have any metal or wooden racks


To choose the best wine rack that you need, make sure to consider the following: 

  • Type of rack
  • Size and storage capacity
  • Material
  • Price

This will help you narrow down your choices. Hopefully, the list of the wine racks we provided is enough options based on your preferences and needs. If you need more, we have a wine storage rack collection you can check out.