Things You Need To Know Before Buying a Wine Refrigerator In 2022

Things You Need To Know Before Buying a Wine Refrigerator In 2022

Are you planning on buying a large wine refrigerator this year? If you are, then you are in the correct place. From our experience, we know that proper storage and the optimum temperature are necessary for storing wine. You will find thousands of wine storage units or wine refrigerators in the market. If you think that a large wine cabinet is a large investment, you can also opt for small or medium-sized cabinets.

What should you consider before buying a wine refrigerator?

A freestanding wine cooler is an investment. To help find the best under-counter wine refrigerators, we have selected the following categories.

  • A Compressor Wine Refrigerator versus Thermoelectric Refrigerator

Big beer and wine refrigerator with a compressor is generally the first reference. A compressor within a refrigerator will keep your wine and beer cool. This cabinet will also help in the fine aging of the wine. On the other hand, a thermoelectric refrigerator is not the first preference. It is because a thermoelectric freestanding wine cooler will charge more electricity.

  • Dual Temperature or Single Temperature Large Wine Cooler

Unless you buy a big wine refrigerator for sale for a big restaurant, you do not need to buy a dual-temperature wine cooler. This is because a dual-temperature beer and wine refrigerator can only store white wine at 45 Fahrenheit and red wine at 55 F.

So, if you are only planning on aging the wine, you can buy a single temperature best under counter wine refrigerators. To replace a big wine refrigerator for sale, you can use a nice bucket or a wine bottle chiller.

How Do You Define A Large Wine Cooler?

A big wine cooler is a large refrigerated cabinet that can store over 50 wine bottles. You cannot store a large wine cooler in a kitchen or home bar. However, wine collectors use large wine cabinets to store red wine and white wine bottles for commercial purposes.

What Affects The Capacity of Large Wine Coolers?

A regular large wine refrigerator can hold about 50 to 300 wine bottles. But, the capacity of the wine cooler depends on the following factors:

  • The size of the bottle that you are collecting. Wine bottles like Magnum are large and can reduce the space inside a refrigerator.
  • Diameter of the bottles that you are collecting. The regular wine coolers can store normal bottles. However, if you are storing champagne, the bottles may be larger in diameter. So, if earlier you could store 20 regular-sized bottles, now if you have a champagne bottle, you can store 15.
  • The shelving system inside the refrigerating unit. Within the refrigerators, you can either find racks for storing bottles. You can also find bottle holders that can only hold one bottle at a time.


In the future, wine cabinets will come with exclusive features like LED lighting, stainless design, and removable shelves. So if you want to store more than 1,000 bottles, you can invest in a wine cave.

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